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Mike Volitich, Physical Therapy Student UCLA


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Mike Volitich is a budding student at UCLA, where he studies sports therapy. It is through his studies and his experience in athletics that Mike made more than a few observations.

One of which was that he noticed people often suffered injuries, injuries which could have been prevented by taking simple yet effective measures, like stretching, taking right action when it comes to diet, and incorporating routine body maintenance (like yoga, for instance).

It is at UCLA where Mike is able to combine his passions for sports as well as human anatomy through his degree. When he’s not in class or engaged in his studies, he enjoys enhancing and supplementing his education with podcasts, as well as giving his mind a rest and getting more in touch with his physicality through outdoor recreational activities like hiking, skiing, ultimate frisbee, and kayaking.

Though it wasn’t in the cards for Mike Volitich to pursue sports at the college or professional level himself, he remains committed to fitness, wellness, and athletics, aiming to stay close to what he loves by treating patients, both athletes and everyday folks. He is also committed to providing educational materials and resources to his future patients and readership through this website.

Injury can do more than take you out of the game, it can take you out of your day-to-day activities. Injuries are incredibly disruptive and can take you out of work for weeks or even months. You can be put into a position where you are in pain often or in extreme cases every waking moment. If doing simple things like stretching, keeping a good diet, and taking care of your body can significantly reduce your chances of getting injured, then it’s best to consider taking these measures in the future.

Site offerings include informational blogs on topics ranging from physical fitness tips, rehabilitation tips, to finding directions in the wilderness without a compass. Mike Volitich also shares the latest news and events related to sports and sports therapy, as well as all things UCLA, especially Bruins hoops.

There’s a lot you can be doing to increase your vitality, boost your wellness, and increase your longevity, both when it comes to physical activity as well as getting through day-to-day demands. Life puts wear and tear on all of us, and if we take care of our bodies, which we push to its limits as a way of taking care of our minds at times, our bodies will help take care of us.

People who come to this site can expect content of value which will help you in life, at work, and in your recreational pursuits. Mike Volitich remains committed to providing insider knowledge when it comes to physical therapy, UCLA sports, and all things outdoors, among other enthusiastic pursuits. Stay active, and above all, stay safe out there!