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About Mike Volitich Physical Therapy


Not everyone gets to play sports for a living. Mike Volitich was not one of those gifted few who get to engage in a beloved sport as a professional vocation.

Realizing that a professional or collegiate career in sports would not be available to him early, Mike Volitich faced reality without having to compromise when it came to being involved in athletics, a subject which he is fascinated by and loves unconditionally.

Going to school to work in the sports industry was the next best option available to him, which is why he aims to spend his days helping athletes and regular folks who get injured with rehabilitation services as well as educational materials. This knowledge can often be the difference between sustaining a life-altering injury and enjoying peak physical wellness.

You see, these bodies of ours are fragile. It’s a delicate balance we keep day-to-day, and even simple tasks like driving to work can be a leap of faith.

Taking simple everyday measures and building beneficial everyday practices will help you take care of your body. When you perform the routine maintenance and integrate your fitness and wellness routine with a diet designed to drive up your energy and give you real nutrition, you’d be surprised not only by how good you feel on a daily basis, but also how resistant you’ll become to illness and injury.

As a student at UCLA studying sports therapy, Mike Volitich is able to get a headstart by zeroing in on what he’s passionate about. The purpose of this site is to get reps in spreading the word about latest best fitness and wellness practices, as well as health and sports news and education — all geared towards human optimization and injury prevention.

Fitness and wellness doesn’t start and end in the physical realm, either. Mike Volitich also recognizes the importance of mental health as well as spiritual wellness. We live in a fast-paced, sometimes less-than-forgiving world where we’re all expected to have so much to offer, all while taking care of ourselves, our jobs, our homes, and our families. That’s a lot of pressure. So, much of this site is also geared towards mental health education — because both college students and busy professionals alike have stress to relieve themselves of. What better way than to engage in physical activity to get you out of your head?

Even though there are many pitfalls and obstacles we have to navigate through in our daily lives, there are a lot of things we can do to keep our minds, our bodies, and our spirits in tip-top shape, which will have us all so much prepared to give and to excel.

Through this site, Mike Volitich is able to spread useful ideas, give valuable information, and engage in a meaningful dialogue that will hopefully make a difference in the daily lives of his future patients and readership, not to mention his own.