Mike Volitich Goes Over the Health Benefits of Stretching

Mike Volitich Goes Over the Health Benefits of Stretching

Mike Volitich on the Health Benefits of Stretching


When it comes to stretching, Mike Volitich wants to remind future patients and his readership that there are countless benefits to building healthy practices in our daily lives. One of those daily practices we all need to engage in a little more is stretching.

Do you do yoga? Do you stretch on your own time or do you stretch on your boss’s dime?

However you get it in, stretching will bestow upon you a ton of health benefits. Below are just a few which make stretching worth your consideration, if you don’t engage in stretching regularly already.

Increased Flexibility

You’ll find that you’re more flexible and more in touch with your body when you stretch regularly. You’ll be able to pick up when you experience little tweaks and stretch your way out of them, in some scenarios. You’ll be able to execute athletic feats more effectively and be more productive and comfortable at work as a result.

Increased Range of Motion

This is especially true when it comes to your joints. As we get older, our range of motion diminishes over time, so it’s important to stretch in order to maintain your flexibility and range of motion.

Improved Blood Circulation

It’s no secret that stretching increases blood flow to the muscles, which transports nourishment and rids the body of waste byproducts that occur in muscle tissue. This improved circulation that comes about from stretching can also help diminish recovery time after workouts and during injury.

Stretching also improves your posture and will ensure that your muscles stay loose and pliable, which will help you avoid injury, both while exercising and while engaging with your work.

Frequent stretching will also reduce daily stress and increase coordination, which will help you avoid injury and boost performance as a result.

The Mike Volitich blog is committed to providing physical therapy insider knowledge, news, as well as tips and information that will help future patients and his readership enjoy healthier, happier lives for the long haul.


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