Mike Volitich, When to Avoid Stretching

Mike Volitich, When to Avoid Stretching

When to Skip Stretching

It’s no secret that stretching regularly can help a person’s body and joints move about more freely, enjoy more flexibility, as well as an increased range of motion in the joints.

Stretching allows a person to enjoy more mobility. Of course, it’s important to check with your physical therapist if you’re injured and looking to supplement your physical therapy with some beneficial stretching. In some cases, you’ll want to avoid certain stretches if you’ve experienced certain types of injuries.

But are there cases when a person should avoid stretching? Unfortunately yes.

Who Should Avoid Stretching?

While it’s true that the benefits of stretching are numerous, stretching is not always the answer for everyone. For instance, if you’ve experienced an acute muscle strain, you should avoid placing further stress on the muscle. Give your injured body time to rest.

If you’ve experienced a fractured bone you’ll also want to avoid stretching the muscles that surround the injured area in question. This is another case where the body needs additional time to heal. Stretching the area in question can even result in displacement. Make sure that you avoid stretching a joint if it surrounds a broken bone until you are cleared to do so by your physician.

Lastly, when you experience a joint sprain, you don’t want to alleviate any damage to the ligaments which help stabilize the bones that make up the joint. Stretching too early after joint sprain should be avoided because you can prolong your recovery as a result. And nobody has time for that.

Here’s to hoping that some of this information helps. If there’s ever a question about whether or not to stretch, contact an experienced physical therapist. The Mike Volitich blog continues to provide physical therapy insider knowledge, news, as well as tips and information in hopes of helping his readership enjoy healthier, happier lives for the long haul.


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